Spiritual Direction

What Is Spiritual Direction?
We all need a space set aside where we can stop and breathe.  A place we can release our tense shoulders, a place of calm, of acceptance, of rest.  A place we can at last be stilled and quieted enough to hear from within and listen deeply.  A sacred hour where we can come to realize once more we are deeply loved by the Creator of all things.  The Great Energy Force who is always up to good in us, through us, and for us.  Who is delighted we have just shown up to sit together, to prayerfully listen together, and to grow together.  Often it is helpful to have a companion in such a time.  Someone to be in prayer, silence, and conversation with us as we seek to discover and deepen this mysterious relationship with the One many call God.  Being such a companion, is my role.  Engaging in such a time is Spiritual Direction.  

Why Spiritual Direction?
Come, if you are seeking rest and restoration in your spiritual life.  Come, if you desire to deepen or explore your relationship with God.  Come, if you are struggling in your faith.  Come, if you need a listening ear and compassionate presence.  Come, if you need a companion on your journey. Come if you desire to explore or nurture your prayer life.  Come if you need discernment in life decisions.  Come, if you are simply curious.  Come and see how God is desiring to show up for you.

Our Time Together
Typically I meet with directees for an hour, in person or virtually, and on a monthly basis.  Together we open ourselves to hearing how God, who is the true Director, is speaking and moving in your life.  This may come through your sharing, through sitting in silence, though conversation, prayer, a reading, engaging art, or any number of ways.  If you are at all curious I encourage you to try it out and see if spiritual direction might be just what you need at this time.  Spiritual direction helps you tell your sacred story, or perhaps discover its sacredness for the first time.  Spiritual direction is one of those great mysteries that cannot quite be understood through explanation, but simply needs to be explored, much like God, who is the one gently ushering you to Godself all the time.  When experienced, there is a good chance spiritual direction just might change your life and make all the difference in the world. 

Our journeys vary, as do our budgets, so I offer a sliding scale of  $40-$60/per session.  If you have additional questions or concerns please contact me and I would be glad to speak with you further. 


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Additional Voices On Spiritual Direction:
"While the spiritual journey is deeply personal, we need not go it alone." - Kimberly Broerman    

'...Another's listening attention might help us stop on the road of life, experience our deepest sadness, hope, fear, and faith, and then, perhaps see God for a moment.' - Susan Phillips

"Through deep and compassionate listening, the Spiritual Director serves as a gentle guide, assisting you to discover the movement of the Holy Spirit, the graces of God, and the wisdom of the Creator." - Florida Ellis