Driving from Bethlehem to Beit Sahour. Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine ©2013

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ABOUT: “Through the Checkpoint” is a multimedia project providing vision and voice to life lived amidst occupation in Palestine/Israel.  It is being created in partnership with the Creative Visions foundation and is serving in tandem with ongoing efforts to foster justice and peace for all living in the Palestinian-Israeli region by the continued call for equity, human dignity, and the pursuit of a coexistence without occupation. 

I hope to help our global community gain a fuller picture of life in Palestine/Israel and motivate viewers, like you, to join movements to end a dehumanizing status quo and catalyze peace and equity for Palestinians, Bedouins, and Jewish Israelis alike.  

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Palestinian shopkeeper's daily view, Hebron, West Bank, Palestine. ©2016