That Moment

That moment

Just then

When I sat

And did nothing

Nothing but breathe

Eyes closed

Half poised to get up

But choosing to stay seated instead

For a moment

An unplanned moment

Of rest

For an undetermined length of time

In the warm darkness behind my eyelids

I paused

I paused

I paused

I paused into peace

Radiant Light

Radiant Light

Its gleaming touch ignites heart’s delight

Dancing on wind-kissed limbs, finding rest on forest’s amber bed

Penetrating soft, supple leaves, its brilliant pattern spreads

Rays of topaz, streams of gold

I burst within unable to contain all my eyes behold

But I am transfixed, stilled, awed

Paralyzed – happily, I have seen God.

Come To Me

Come to me and I shall pour forth wisdom

Like beads of flowing waters

Like sands of the desert sea.

I shall string upon you her pearls of truth

A yoke of love both light and easy.


I shall enlighten you to the mysteries

of the world

I, who formed all things.

I, who paint the clouds above

And give earth the olive tree.


I adorn the land in robes of gold

I dress her in necklaces of emeralds

I give the birds their song to sing

And the rocks cry out as my heralds


I give winds their dance to whirl

And sun its ribbons to stream

I work all things together for good

Weave the beauty of all seen and unseen.