My Thoughts On Photography: 

The world's captivating beauty is what ignited my passion for photography.  I was studying abroad in Italy during college, surrounded by lush countryside, winding labyrinths of ancient hill towns, and a gorgeous, fascinating culture, and while I had toted around a camera here and there in the past, never had I been met with so many reasons to keep it glued to my side.  Going out each day was a feast for the eyes and soul.  Each moment that prompted me to lift my lens felt like a gift--right place, right time, right light, happening to notice it, and the means to capture it.  What I have discovered is the joyous art of co-creating with the earth.  Since then I have gleaned and honed my skills, and ever-continue to, but still receive each photograph as a gift--the gift of its sheer existence, of the joy it brings, of the story it tells.

It is my hope to use this great love as a vessel for connection.  Through this art of visual storytelling I aspire to connect your family by capturing sacred moments in time together, to capture your beautiful face in a headshot and draw out your great personality to share with the world, to connect us all with the wider world through my living room landscapes, and reflecting the lives of our neighbors through my documentary work.  

What I Offer:

Whether I am making your portrait reflecting the joy of your family, capturing the laughter and smiles at your celebratory event, or documenting your group's travel adventures my goal is to illuminate your experience and create a visual memory that will continue to awaken life in you for years to come.  

I value making high quality art and supporting our local economy and artists to produce each of your photographs.  Thus each of your prints is beautifully crafted with rich ink on archival paper by the masterfully skilled local printers at Digital Picture.

Your Investments:

2- hour Session: $300

Includes: Photography SessionOnline Photography Gallery where you will be able to view, share, and order your beautiful new art.

Art options include photographs and canvases for your family room, office, and wallet.

Printed Glicée Photographs                                    Photographs On Canvas

3x4                              $10                                          8x10                            $210

4x6                              $14                                          11x14                          $260

5x7                              $18                                          16x20                          $375

8x8                              $35                                          16x24                          $416

8x10                            $35                                          24x30                          $610

11x14                          $50

16x20                          $100                                       

16x24                          $120

24x36                          $150

Custom sizes available upon request.

Cards for the holidays, announcements, or just because.

Folded Greeting Cards with Envelope

25 - 4x5.5                    $100

50 - 4x5.5                    $170

25 - 5x7                       $120

50 - 5x7                       $200

One-Sided Photograph Greeting Cards with Envelopes

25 - 4x5.5                    $75

50 - 4x5.5                    $110

25 - 5x7                       $90

50 - 5x7                       $125

Photography books for savoring those many memories all over again.

GoBook with GoBox     10 double-sided pages* on flat laying archival paper - $450  *Basic book.  Additional pages optional.

BOOK HERE for your next photography session or to get more information about your investment options.  Your life illuminated awaits!