The Annexation/Expansion Wall, Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

A 3-Minute History of the Occupation offered by Palestinian Daoud Nassar.

Right of Return In International Law (Information provided by Institute for Middle East Understanding):

  • "All refugees have a right to return to areas from which they have fled or were forced, to receive compensation for damages, and to either regain their properties or receive compensation and support for voluntary resettlement. This right derives from a number of legal sources, including customary international law, international humanitarian law governing rights of civilians during war, and human rights law. The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in Article 13(2) that "[e]veryone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his own country." This is an individual right and cannot be unilaterally abrogated by third parties."

For a contextual example of land rights and land transfer read The New York Review of Books article: "This Land Is Our Land" by Raja Shehadeh

Miko Peled, Israeli peace activist, son of General Matti Peled (who led Israeli army in the Six-Day War of 1967), and author of The General's Son, speaks about the need for relationship building and working for an end to the occupation: Alternate Focus With Miko Peled

Mark Braverman, American Psychologist who grew up in a Jewish Zionist family and is now a peace activist working for Palestinian rights, land rights, and the occupation's end, addresses "Why Do Churches Refuse to Question Israel's Actions?"