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"My View" - A shopkeeper's view in the Old City of Hebron. He has written "HOPE" on his shop door and the opposing wall to remind himself and the handful of tourists to remain hopeful--one day the occupation will end, one day they will live in freedom and dignity with full human rights.

As we partner together in the work of justice and wholeness of life for all our neighbors, we breathe hope into the world. I am continually grateful to be partnering with you in this imperative work.


KUMI NOW - TOGETHER FOR JUSTICE (Information and Action)

If Americans Knew (Information and Facts)  

Israel Palestine Mission Network (Information and Facts)

American Friends Service (Information and Facts) 

B'Tselem (Information and Facts) 

Badil (Information and Facts) 

Breaking the Silence 

Military Court Watch 


Rabbis for Human Rights 

Ha'aretz (News) 

Institute for Middle East Understanding (News)

Electronic Intifada (News)

972 Mag (News) 

Zochrot (History and Current Events) 

Combatants for Peace (Palestinian/Israeli Relationship Building and Action)

Parent Circle Families Forum (Palestinian/Israeli Relationship Building and Action) 

Jewish Voice for Peace

J Street

Foreign Policy Journal

Rabbi Brant Rosen's Blog

US Campaign For Palestinian Rights

Youth Against Settlements

Kids4Peace and Dialogue To Action (For Children’s Involvement) http://www.k4p.org/ and http://www.k4pjerusalem.org/dialogue-to-action

Books, Articles, Films:

Faith In The Face of Empire - Mitri Raheb

Chosen? – Walter Bruggemann

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe

Blood Brothers - Elias Chacour

The General’s Son - Miko Peled

My Promised Land - Ari Shavit

Open Bethlehem (film) - Leila Sansour

Alternate Focus Interview with Miko Peled (Israeli peace activist)

Church Specific Resources: 

Reading Materials for Individuals and Groups:

Steadfast Hope (curriculum, Israel Palestine Mission Network) 

Kairos Palestine Document (curriculum, Palestinian Clergy)  

Zionism Unsettled (curriculum, Israel Palestine Mission Network) 

"Why Do Churches Refuse to Question Israel's Actions?" (video) - Mark Braverman (Jewish Activist)


Organizations To Travel With: 

With Katie and Sabeel (Witness Trips and Christian Pilgrimages led by Katie and co-organized with Sabeel)

Sabeel and Friends of Sabeel North America (Witness Trips engaging the many layers of life in the Holy Land) 

Interfaith Peace Builders (Activism and justice delegation) 

Pilgrims of Ibillin (Christian Pilgrimage engaging the many layers of life in the Holy Land) 

Telos Group (Christian Pilgrimage engaging the many layers of life in the Holy Land)

Without A Group?  Stay With:

Bethlehem Guest House/Homestay (with the BEST food) – Contact Usama Nicola

Holy Land Hotel in East Jerusalem http://www.holylandhotel.com

Tent of Nations http://www.tentofnations.org

ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) http://atg.ps

Church Guest Houses